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Character: Princess Agitha

Game: Twilight Princess/Hyrule Warriors 

Cosplayer: Selea Nielsen

Photographer: Craig Ozancin

Website links:

Comments: This dress and props are all made of duct tape. The umbrella and shoes were bought and covered in duct tape, but the rest was made from scratch! 

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- props/items : Alien baloon and Romani bow
- game : Majora’s Mask
- maker : meanlilkitty
- source : deviantart
- link :
Alien Balloon and Romani Bow by meanlilkitty

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- character : The Great Fairy
- game : Ocarina of Time
- cosplayer :
- photographer :
- link :

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8bitkevin @ the Hyrule Warriors Fan Gathering

This was really fun! Despite not winning any of the contests, the fact that I got Link’s Scarf was awesome! It was a bit disorganized because the cosplayers that got priority went straight to try the “full” version of Hyrule Warriors, but we got jipped in terms of the sizes for t-shirts. You would have thought that the cosplayers would’ve gotten priority on the t-shirts, but it didn’t really happen that way. In the end, I’m satisfied with the scarf.

For the “full” version of Hyrule Warriors, they decided for us to play as Ganondorf. I wanted to play as Impa (she was available), but I didn’t get to. Ganondorf is pretty deadly.

Overall, a great experience. I’m glad I made it there!

Click on each photo for a description.

Cosplayer: @Pikmin_Link

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- character : Ganondorf

- game : Twilight Princess

- cosplayer : Elyrenae

- website link :

- note : very nice female version of Ganondorf !

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- character : queen zelda

- game : hyrlue warriors

- cosplayer : kept-lock-and-key

- source : 


Nearly finished ~.~ 

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Another 3D printed success! One of you will be getting this in the gift exchange!

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- character : Knight guard
- game : Ocarina of Time
- cosplayer : Angiechuu
- photographer ?
- source : deviantart
- link :
STOP RIGHT THERE! by Angiechuu

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Fairy Queen Cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker <3


Fairy Queen: me


Photos by:

Shibui [animexx]

the last one by Struwwelpeter [animexx]

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- character : Impa
- game : Ocarina of Time
- cosplayer : kuraiofanagura
- source : deviantart
- link :
LoZ: Impa - Sage of the Shadows by KuraiOfAnagura