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- character : Ralph
- game : Oracle of Season
- cosplayer : Nafady
- source : deviantart
- link :
Time traveling by Nafady

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- character : Link with the Zora armor
- game : Twilight Princess
- cosplayer : Semashke
- photographer : Jurga Mižutavičiūtė
- country : Lithuania
- source : Deviantart
- link :

Through the clouds by Semashke

- note : the on stage effect is great with a great costume !

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Legend of Zelda Supernova Melbourne 2014 Photo-shoot.

Twilight Princess proposal shoot.

Princess Zelda:


We hope you love these photos as much as we do!

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Pieces o’ Heart!  Well, one piece of heart, and one full one, if you want to get picky.  Hailing from Twilight Princess, both iterations came out wonderfully. 

The piece of heart was a unique challenge, as in the game you could see the red heart encapsulated in a rough hewn crystal, and as I try to make sure that all the pieces that I produce would be possible to acquire in the real world, I was faced with the task of attempting to mimic the look and feel of the irregular edges, while keeping it realistic.  I achieved that by just dumping a ton of different cuts and sizes into the empty space between gold border and ruby center.  I also tried a version where I used micro pavé stones for a more regular covering, but it came out looking so bad I didn’t even bother rendering it out.

Sadly, the full heart container is impossible to create as seen here, as I don’t think anyone would ever cut a ruby to that custom shape.  Sorry jewelry fans! 

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- character : Maiden Zelda
- game : A Link to the Past
- cosplayer : Layze Michelle
- Photography: Weverton Souza
- link :

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"I’ve been waiting for you, Hero of Time."

Character: Princess Zelda
Game: Legend of Zelda: Ocraina of Time 
Cosplayer: Reould

Photographer: Rodd Snap
MUA: Cassandra Adams

Website links: 

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- character : Link and Princess Zelda
- game : A Link Between Worlds
- cosplayer : Ver1sa as Zelda
- country : Russia
- source : Deviantart
- link : The Hero and The Princess by ver1sa

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Updated version of my Maiden Zelda cosplay. I love this photo as it was intended to be the scene where Zelda telepathically contacts Link at the start of A Link to the Past. I was actually thinking “Help me… my name is Zelda… I am in the castle dungeon” as Abigail was taking the photo. Ahhh nostalgia. My favourite Zelda game ever! (More photos available on both FB pages) Hope you like it!

Cosplayer: Dubai Zelda (

Photographer: Abigail Kerr (

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Princess Zelda and Sheik costumes from Twilight Princess / Smash Brothers Brawl